Taste has everything to do with a composition of memories. I am particularly inspired by meeting and discovering other cultures, by imagining and by natural phenomena that I see around me.

Moshik Roth

Moshik moved from Israel to The Netherlands in his early twenties. He started his career as a pizzeria manager in Amsterdam. In his spare time he became fascinated by haute cuisine and he set out to become the best chef possible. He seized the opportunity to work at three star restaurant 'De Librije' and in two star restaurant 'De Zwethheul'.

In 2001, Moshik opened his own restaurant: 't Brouwerskolkje in Overveen. Moshik gained his first Michelin star in 2006 and his second one in 2009. In 2012 he joined forces with entrepreneur Salem Samhoud and in August of that year he opened his new restaurant in Amsterdam: &samhoud places. In November 2012, only 3 months after &samhoud places had opened, Moshik and his team gained two Michelin stars.